Sorry! I have been up to my eyes this week with a flurry of activites, getting this kitchen of ours into shape...
We took a trip to Ikea in Belfast, and it was a fruitful journey, we procured the table set of my dreams! For a complete steal! I am now a firm fan of Ikea and cannot wait until it opens here in July!

Anyway I hope to be back up and running over the next few days, doing more than throwing oven chips in the oven!

See you then!


Dawn said...

Hi, Lisa! Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. Its so funny that you should pose this question now, because although I posted about our thumb problems over a year ago, the itchy thumb is back with a vengeance.

My son has eczema and is unfortunate enough to have a patch of it on his thumb. It itches, so he scratches it with his teeth. OUCH! I am reluctant to put lotion on it because the thumb goes in his mouth and I really don't want him eating that stuff.

I usually use any lotion that is recommended for breastfeeding, such as Lansinoh lanolin ointment or Gerber Breast Therapy gentle moisturizing balm. I like the Gerber product because it comes in a tube (similar to chapstick) so its not messy to apply. It's also more affordable than the Lansinoh.

Both products work well and I'm much more comfortable using them knowing that they are safe to ingest. If you're really lucky, baby won't like the taste of it and stop sucking on that thumb!

Good luck!


Emily said...

I'm so glad you are now an IKEA fan. We have been in love with it ever since I can remember. Even if we aren't buying anything my friends and I often go to IKEA just to look around and have fun.

Lo said...

Oooh... you're getting an IKEA??!! Be warned: much time-wasting & perusing is in your future. :)

That said, it makes for a great pastime, and you don't have to spend much to get some great gear! Can't wait to hear all about your fun finds.

Nicole said...

Best of luck with your kitchen! It sounds like a big project but oh so fun!

Anonymous said...